iPhone Mania

I recently got given a new iPhone. Woa, new technology! Move aside Nokia 6210, come on in iPhone!

I tell ya now, there’s a sexy piece of equipment, even for girly non geeky IT me! It’s so cool I’ve got a new blog for it – iPhonedreaming.


everyone has an iPhone now!

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Just when you thought it was safe..

Its back- new release of Desktop tower defense…. AAaaaaargh!

Have a look. Its an interesting one. When I first saw it announced at Tech Crunch I felt my heart beat quicken and my breathing increase. Couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. But then when I finally played it, I felt that it had lost some of its original appeal.

The majority of the graphics were the same, some new things to kill, the scores at the top are in color, the clock is different.  Nothing much new really. I’ll have to try the harder levels perhaps.

Desktop Tower Defense

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Mana Ada System – Truly!

Life was never meant to be easy- this phrase became truly meaningful with my recent experience booking some flights with Malaysian Airlines.

Saturday arvo mid June, freezing cold Sydney, I thought to myself “Hmmm not a bad time to head home to sunny Malaysia for a bit of tropical heat.” I picked up the phone and dialed our local Flight Center. Monique was very helpful, within 20 odd minutes we were booked on a return flight Sydney- K.L. Great dates, not bad price despite the short notice and the very hectic holiday travel season. Satisfied, I sat back to enjoy the rest of the weekend. All I had to do now was wait for Thursday to pay and have the bookings ticketed.

Thursday rolled in quickly enough, credit card in hand I called Monique. Guess what, one of the kid’s name had been misspelled on the booking. I rolled it over in my head technically – surely that would just mean doing a simple “update” on the system. Oh no, no chance in hell, there was no such thing as an update, the booking with the misspelled name had to be cancelled and a new booking re entered. Of course by now there were no seats left – AAArgggh! MAS didn’t care “.. your son will not be able to travel with the rest of the family ma’am, you’ll just have to leave him behind, you can try to wait list, but its looking unlikely, and oh yeah, there is absolutely nothing we can do…”

Who in their right mind creates a flight booking system (or any bloody system at all), without building into it an “update” facility, for crying out loud! “Oh oh maam, its due to all the terrorist issues these days maam, cannot change name lah…” okay, I can understand it if the ticket was already issued perhaps, and even then!! but in this case, it was only a booking!!!

Sigh, what can I say, I think we’ll fly SIA from now on. God only knows what other functions they have conveniently not built into their inflight systems!

Updating is for wusses..

Updating is for wusses

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Finally, a game that I’d play….

Desktop Tower Defense

Okay okay, its been a few weeks now of non stop playing. The kids, the house, the hubby neglected (serves him right, he was the one who told me about it); I’ve been been playing Desktop Tower Defense madly. Have not been the same since.

Here is an example of a great game. It doesn’t need all them million dollar effects with big guns to feed all that testosterone or whatever. Its simple , its rewarding, its not targetted to a male or female audience, its just great.  But be warned, its totally ADDICTIVE!

Play it if you dare!

Can’t stop, need to get to the next level…

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The Computer Room Scene..

computer room

Hey, where are the girls in the computer room above?

In a comment from Lachlan towards my last post, he stated that some measures had to be consciously taken to make girls feel comfortable enough to use the computer rooms in schools.

The question here is why do girls feel uncomfortable in computer rooms? Are they intimadated by the boys the presence? Are boys going out of their way to make girls feel unwelcome? Is the nature of the industry so geared towards boys to make girls feel unwanted?

What about my days at Uni some 20 years ago, back when a programs existed as a decks of punch cards(good heavens!), was the computer culture male dominated even then? I remember many of my girl friends dropping out of the IT faculty after the first semester. Not their thing? Or was it because they felt unwelcomed? Perhaps the culture has slowly progressed to become more and more male through the decades?

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To All the Girls in Town

German flag


Good Morning Sunshine!


Heute ist der Internationale Tag der
superschönen und verdammt
intelligenten Frauen.
Sende dieses Mail an alle Frauen, die
Deiner Meinung nach diesen Titel
Schicke sie bitte NICHT an mich
zurück, da ich sie ja schon von einer
superschönen verdammt
intelligenten Frau bekommen habe.
Und vergiss nicht unsere
Lebensdevise: “Das Leben sollte
keine Reise sein, mit dem Ziel,
attraktiv und mit einem gut
erhaltenen Körper an unserem Grab
anzukommen. Wir sollten lieber
seitlich hineinrutschen, Schokolade
in einer Hand, Martini in der
anderen, unser Körper total
verbraucht und schreiend “Wow, was
für eine Fahrt!”
In diesem Sinne wünsche ich Dir
einen klasse Tag!
*g* Also Mädels! lasst die Sau raus
und genießt jeden neuen Tag, den
wir erleben dürfen!!! An dieser Stelle
noch einmal einen guten morgen!!!!
aja, und vergesst nicht:
wenn einer lacht, lach mit!
wenn einer singt, sing mit!
wenn einer trinkt, trink mit!
wenn einer arbeitet, dann lass ihn
spinnen!!! 🙂




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Have we been excluded?

Dr Neil Anderson a Senior Lecturer at James Cook University, Australia wrote :

“..there is nothing optional about involvement in IT – it is an imperative in VET (Vocational Education and Training). Despite the growing importance of IT, women continue to be under-represented in this critical area in both education and employment..”

He goes on to state that :

“Computer texts and materials in Australian schools were found to contain a heavy bias towards males who were often depicted in positions of power in relation to computing as opposed to passive roles assigned to girls and women..”

Many studies have found that girls often undervalue their own abilities in computer science. A common misconception has been males are inherrently better then females in computer science.

Dr Anderson wrote :

“A meta-analysis of over 100 studies by Burgo (1993) indicated that male and female students had comparable results on post-instructional tests. Kirkpatrick and Cuban (1998) found that boys and girls had very similar achievement scores when they had experienced a similar amount of time and types of computer experiences. Durnell, Glissov and Siann (1995) found in their Scottish study that girls and women, despite some initial hesitation, became very pragmatic and confident users of computers with experience. ”

Also :

“.. Another important factor in schools has been the physical dominance of males students who often see computers and technology as an exclusive male domain and use various means of harassment to effectively exclude girls from computer use, especially during times where teacher supervision is less. This is evident in computer use out of regular class lessons such as lunch time library computer use where girls are often made to feel unwelcome or physically outmanoeuvred when trying to gain computer access.”

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I Shave My Legs


I stumbled across this poem the other day. Thought I’d post it cos its funny, nothing to do with being feministic. In fact that’s really not what this blog is all about. Its about girls in IT.

My sister in law read my posts the other day and her first comment was ” wazza matter, doncha like guys?” Of course I do, but every now and then I feel the need to throw in a feministic post, can’t help it. After so many years working amongst men, always the minority, always the underdog, you just become like that I s’pose, for me anyway.

But here goes :

Girly Poem


I shave my legs,
I sit down to pee.
And I can justify
any shopping spree.
Don’t go to a barber,
but a beauty salon.
I can get a massage
without a hard-on.
I can balance the checkbook,
I can pump my own gas.
Can talk to my friends,
about the size of my ass.
My beauty’s a masterpiece,
and yes, it takes long.
At least I can admit,
to others when I’m wrong.
I don’t drive in circles,
at any cost.
And I don’t have a problem,
admitting I’m lost.
I never forget,
an important date.
You just gotta deal with it,
I’m usually late.
I don’t watch movies,
with lots of gore.
Don’t need instant replay,
to remember the score.
I won’t lose my hair,
I don’t get jock itch.
And just cause I’m assertive,
Don’t call me a bitch.
Don’t say to your friends,
Oh yeah, I can get her.
In your dreams, my dear,
I can do better!
Flowers are okay,
But jewelry’s best.
Look at me you idiot…
Not at my chest,
I don’t have a problem,
With Expressing my feelings.
I know when you’re lying,
You look at the ceiling.
DON’T call me a GIRL ,
a BABE or a CHICK .
I am a WOMAN.
Get it?, you DICK!?

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True story

The scene – huge IT social even. Geeks  IT types everywhere; mingling, talking about web designs, latest in instant messaging, comparing mobile phones, pondering what the universe would be like in the next millenium.

There however was one non techy amongst the crowd. A tall man in his early forties, athletic, one could say good looking if you like the eastern block type. He looks around him and wonders who he could chat to.

Turns to the fella next to him, says ” Hi, how are you tonite? What do you do?”

The other guy says ” Oh, I’m an architect.”

First guy says “Oh yeah, I’m in the middle of renovating my house…………..”

– DOH!!

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